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Since 2016 Vietnam is a part of the European FTA (Free Trade Agreement). Exports from Vietnam to EU receives nearly no tariffs.

Office hours: 8am to 5pm mon-sat


Đường số 98

Tân Phú Trung

Củ Chi

Hồ Chí Minh


Sales manager Sakhone Kim:


Tel & Whatsapp: 0084906884151

Textile & Clothes sourcing agent in Vietnam PRO ITC JSC

We are an honest sourcing agent of clothes and textiles in Vietnam. No hidden fees or cheating. Long experience with broad connections among the factories in Vietnam.

Exporting to America, Europe, Australia, Israel, Japan, Korea and more.


We are a Vietnamese sourcing agent for textile, clothing, fashion as well as home decoration and souvenir products from Vietnam. 

Our small office offers: Low costs, 10 years experience about the many factories in Vietnam. No cheating, hidden fees like some agents. From our negotiations and sourcing experience, you will most likely get the same price or lower than directly from factory.

We meet with customers from around the world who are looking for a combination of price, quality and reliability. They want products that fits their country fashion, sizes and weather conditions. 

Vietnam have become one of the top garment manufacturers. With local fabric suppliers, it is now advantageous to buy clothes from Vietnam.


We act as a full service FOB agent. All you need is a sample or tech pack. Or for simple items, the pictures is enough for us to make a sample. 

Before ordering, the buyer may send a sample and a tech pack of the item. We will make a counter sample for the buyer to approve before production can begin. Our samples start from 50 USD and are deductible from bulk order. 


          Leather jacket                              Casual spring jacket                          Puffer quilted jacket                             Fleece Jacket                                      Long coat


Quick facts with FAQ

PRO ITC Joint Stock Company started in 2015 with 3 investors. We are 40% foreign owned and 60% Vietnamese owned.

Our office/factory is located just outside of Ho Chi Minh City, in Cu Chi district. 30 minutes from Saigon airport 

We can source any clothes items within Vietnam. 

We source our materials first locally. For larger orders we deal directly with material suppliers domestic and by import. 

We are well connected in Vietnam's clothing industry and our agent solutions can make production in large famous factories who supply for Nike, Adidas, Zara, H&M, Peak Performance etc.


Quick facts continued

We can provide full set of export documentation including CO.

Normally we export from Cat Lai sea port & Tan Son Nhat airport.

We work with both woven & knit garments.

Our payment terms is 30% deposit, 70% on Bill of lading or Letter of Credit at site.

We have logbook for tax free fabric import, with condition it is exported as garments within 90 days. 

Quality standards followed: EU standard

Our Quality Control consists of 7 steps: Inspection pattern - Inspection samples - Inspection fabric - Inspection semi cut fabric –

Inspection in line - QA Inspection finishing products - Final Inspection






" Hi, I am Ms. Sakhone Kim. Senior sales manager and co-founder of PRO ITC JSC. I am Vietnamese-Indian and I speak English, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindu. My role is to listen to the buyer and understand their needs and figure out where we can produce your product at the best quality and price. 

I am still young but I have over 10 years experience in the clothing and fashion industry. From top to bottom of the supply chain. "


Product examples
We can make indoors clothing too. As long as its woven fabric.
Need new worker uniforms? Let us help you.
Includes high durability material and Kevlar
Clothing with high safety standards. Typically comes with 3M silver tape.
Consult with us for the many fabric choices.
Jackets for all seasons.
Good for warmth and activities.
Coats for Autumn and winter.
Jacket + pants of nylon. Wind and water proof seams.
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The vast majority of Vietnam's garment factories operate under the Cut-Make-Pack (sometimes called Cut-Make-Trim) system. This is a form of contract work. Typically, a buyer source their own material and will pay contracting fees to a garment factory in Vietnam to carry out the labour-intensive task of cutting the textile fabric, sewing garments together according to design specifications and then packing the garment for export to international markets.


The alternative is the FOB system. This means “free-on-board” or sometimes “freight-on-board”. Under this approach – in the international garment industry – the buyer simply place orders from capable and sufficiently financed factories. The factories are basically responsible for sourcing material, producing the garments in their entirety and arranging for shipment. The buyer makes a purchase and doesn’t need to take as heavy-handed an involvement in the production process.

FOB Nominated

Just like in FOB, we do the full process from merchandising (sourcing materials) to ship the packaged garments. However in FOB nominated we ask that the buyer makes a separate contract with the main fabric supplier. This is to reduce the risk for the manufacturer who have to take to many responsibilities if the fabric is dis-satisfactory. We still solve the problem with the fabric supplier but there can be delays.   

Please note:

1. We prefer doing FOB nominated on big orders. 

2. Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per style.

3. Our payment terms include a downpayment.

4. We do not develop the styles for the buyer. A sample and tech pack is usually required. But we can do size grading for you. 

Order with Tech Packs:

No matter if you want CMP or FOB, It is highly recommended that you order garments by first sending tech packs. 

A tech pack is a set of documents also known as a spec sheet. It includes information like:
1. Image of garment with measurement points
2. Fabric composition 
3. Size chart and size ratio
4. Care Label dimensions, placement and text.
5. Print artwork etc 


All the details of your garment need to be communicated clearly in order for a factory to quote price accurately. 

If you do not own a professional (and expensive) designer software (For example Gerber Accumark),

you can instead create a tech packs using Microsoft Excel together with Adobe Illustrator drawings, and some photos. 

In for example http://www.mypracticalskills.com/ you can buy premade templates for your tech pack at around 30 USD

If you dont have a tech pack. We can support you to make a pattern for a small fee.


The MOQ varies depending on design, price per item and fabric. Usually 500 per style and 200 per color and size within that style.  

If the fabric is locally available, the MOQ is typically much lower than if fabrics needs to be imported. MOQ can be negotiated. 

Cost calculating & Merchandising

We calculate in detail for your production and give you a fully detailed cost calculation quotation on request.

We can choose and source all material for you. 

Size grading

We do international size grading based on country specific size charts. We only need one size sample from you. From it we will know how to grade the different sizes.

Sample Making

We make samples from 50 USD. If you already have a sample you can send it to us and we will "copy" your sample to match.


Samples are needed in advance of any bulk production for the purpose of buyer approval and seller acknowledgement in the contract. 


We can help you find local non-partisan inspection agents who are more affordable than the international inspection companies.


We can ship by air or boat, with or without insurance based on customer. All shipping fees are chosen by daily rate from the local shipping agents.

For small parcels such as samples or express packages, we use DHL account. 

Additional service information


Đường số 98

Tân Phú Trung

Củ Chi

Hồ Chí Minh



Sales manager Sakhone Kim:


Tel & Whatsapp: 0084906884151

Sales assist: henrikoloferik@gmail.com